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At Stepping Stone, we invest in what we understand and where we can make positive contributions. For ourselves, and also other investors we introduce via our Investor Sourcing, we need and expect continuous and real-time information, beyond initial due diligence. Assisting our client with Services and Advisory support puts us in a good position to be able to obtain and leverage that, for the mutual benefit of investors and investees alike.

How we help
  • Direct Investment: Through Stepping Stone Capital, we invest directly in clients. This is normally in tandem with other investors, via our Investor Sourcing service , or can be on a standalone basis.

    Derisking investment with continual visibility: By investing in the clients we work with, we are in a strong position to assess timing of investment needs and milestone drawdowns, and also embed strong reporting frameworks post investment for the benefit of investors and investees alike.

    Reduced legal compliance costs: In addition, where we are already providing Services and Advisory support, inherently we are able to reduce investment costs for due diligence, legal and compliance purposes.

    Expanding your horizons: Across our global footprint we can help provide insights into new market opportunities as well as pathways to accelerating new market growth.

What's included
Monthly retainers

We work on the basis of customized fixed monthly retainers, covering all aspects of our support.

No hidden costs

There are no hidden transactional costs each time assistance is sought.

Reviewed quarterly

The retainer level is reviewed with you each quarter.