Helping SMEs and Entrepreneurs establish the right foundations to support their growth in the global marketplace
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As your business scales, as well as managing growth, managing risk and protecting your assets and IP becomes equally important. Whether it be taking on new investors or partners or entering new markets, establishing and appropriately documenting the foundations of your business is essential. In today’s information age, you shouldn’t have to pay a premium price to get the right professional support and service to put these foundations in place.

How we help
  • Adopting the right structure: Understanding your needs, we help you quickly assess and implement the right company structure for your expansion, reducing time and cost involved, and ensuring an efficient and compliant tax base.
  • Documenting your foundations: From shareholder agreements to customer agreements to vendor and partner agreements and more, we help ensure your business is prepared for both growth and risk management in parallel.
  • Ongoing and real-time advice: With access to our global team of professionals, you get real-time support and advice without the unpleasant surprise of hourly chargeable fees for every call or email.
What's included
Monthly retainers

We work on the basis of customized fixed monthly retainers, covering all aspects of our support.

No hidden costs

There are no hidden transactional costs each time assistance is sought.

Reviewed quarterly

The retainer level is reviewed with you each quarter.