Helping SMEs and Entrepreneurs take the right steps towards both market entry and continuity in the market.
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While global markets are now more reachable than ever before, careful planning remains essential to assess the opportunities at hand, factors and costs involved, and the optimal approach with which to enter new markets. For businesses with less scale, this naturally often involves working with local partners. With our deep experience working across MNCs and government trade support organizations, we assist SMES and entrepreneurs to adopt a smart approach to market entry.

How we help
  • Opportunity assessment and approach: We help exporters assess both opportunity and approach to new market entry, considering factors such optimal legal entity or partner structures and foreign compliance and tax.
  • Market research: In targeted segments within the markets in which we operate, with a particular emphasis on the fast-growing Southeast Asia markets, we provide market research and business development services.
  • Partner management: In addition to helping document the necessary agreements which enable true partnership with agents and distributors, leveraging cloud technology, we help establish processes for pipeline and performance reporting.
  • In market representation: Via our local offices, we assist with representation for both due diligence and continuity purposes, helping reduce both time and costs that come with recurring international travel.
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