In today's technology age, the benefits from a disciplined and smart approach to accounting are greater than ever. Compliance never sleeps.
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It is easy for businesses as they scale up growth to not put in place the right support structures at the right time. This happens often with accounting, and can ultimately end up consuming valuable time and resources. The longer mismanaged situations are ignored, the less likely they are to be resolved, and the wider the impact will be on the business. Ignoring business foundations ultimately disrupts business growth.

How we help
  • Turning around mismanaged finance: With vast international experience in running large finance teams, including M&A related integration, we have the expertise to turn around cases of mismanaged finance and compliance and get businesses back on track.
  • Strengthening process and controls: As part of this, leveraging technology, we help design and implement clear and simple processes, ensuring these not only strengthen internal controls but also add value to the business.
  • Leveraging the Cloud: We work with SMEs and entrepreneurs across the globe, and hence are focused on leveraging cost effective applications, such as Xero, that provide the real-time transparency required to keep accounts and compliance in check.
  • Monthly meetings to stay on track: Thereafter we hold monthly meetings with you to review management accounts and continually see to improve related processes and controls to stay on track.
What's included
Monthly retainers

We work on the basis of fixed monthly retainers, which cover all aspects of our support.

No hidden costs

There are no hidden transactional costs each time assistance is sought.

Reviewed quarterly

The retainer level is reviewed with you each quarter.