Investors want to invest, but having learned from experience they demand great stories
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Whatever form of investment you are seeking, from grants to loans, to equity, a robust business plan is essential. While we all now have more paths than ever to go down in terms of seeking funding, providers of capital have themselves learnt from experience, and in some respects, it has become harder now to secure funding. That said, investors and lenders themselves are in business and want to provide capital, however they need stories that tick all the boxes

How we help
  • Helping you be investor ready: For those seeking investment, as an extension of our CFO Partnering support, we assist clients with preparing robust investment plans that are comprehensive, creative and supportable.

    Ensuring you meet the compliance test: Business owners are often so focused on growth that statutory compliance matters such as tax filings are not kept up to date. Being compliant represents a key element in being investor ready.

    Due diligence knowhow: With extensive M&A experience, including as investors and also with post-deal integration activities, we understand beyond statutory compliance, the expectations and efforts required with due diligence.

    Expanding your horizons: Investors wants scalable stories, and across our global footprint we can help provide insights into new market opportunities as well as pathways to accelerating new market growth.

What's included
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We work on the basis of customized fixed monthly retainers, covering all aspects of our support.

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There are no hidden transactional costs each time assistance is sought.

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The retainer level is reviewed with you each quarter.