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“We’ve been fortunate to have a great partner in Stepping Stone from the get go, who have been instrumental in helping us turn an idea into a funded and fast growing business. In addition to providing us holistic accounting and finance support, they are a great sounding board for us across the business. We also would not have been thinking about new export markets so early without their insights and know how.”
Luke Mackey, Co-Founder
Like ourselves at Sigrid.AI, Stepping Stone are in the business of helping business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe to achieve their goals. Stepping Stone assisted us in quickly putting the right corporate structures and banking in place when we first launched, and continue to act for us as a holistic accounting and compliance partner. They are always very responsive with ad hoc queries and advice without us having to worry about incremental costs of each phone call or email.”
Paul Ostergaard, Co-Founder
When we are bringing international clients to Asia, it is imperative we have a highly dependable and trusted partner for their company set up needs including, for banking and employee migration matters. This is why we partner with Stepping Stone. In addition, our business involves a huge amount of travel and the team at Stepping Stone have been great in embedding simple processes and mobile technology to ease the administrative burden and ensure our expense processing and monthly accounts just happen each and every month.”
Steve Dawson, Managing Director
Asia Market Entry
It’s a challenge to start and run your own business, even more so when it’s a global one. Stepping Stone have and continue to provide us great support way beyond accounting and compliance, in areas from online financial operations, commercial agreements and partnerships, intellectual property and investment.”
Patty Lee, Founder and MD

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