Helping SMEs and Entrepreneurs identify and obtain the right funding for their business
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With a wide array of investment options available to SMEs and entrepreneurs, from government grants and private investors to newer alternatives like peer to peer lending and crowd funding, selecting the right funding source requires careful thought, considering both current and future requirements. In addition, the profile of your business is more relevant than ever in matching the right funding source to you. We assist Investor Ready clients in finding and obtaining  the right match for them.

How we help
  • Analysis of investment needs: For those seeking funding as an extension of our CFO Partnering support, investor sourcing starts by working with clients to analyse their specific needs to determine the right type of funding to pursue.
  • Grants matching and application: Many governments globally continue to try and stimulate SME and entrepreneurial growth. We help clients identify and apply for grants and incentives that are relevant and available to them.
  • Sourcing investment: For clients we believe to be investor ready, we assist in the identification of and introduction to relevant prospective investors.
  • Helping you to pitch: We introduce clients to investors where we believe there to be a potential genuine match and where we have helped the client to be investor ready. Where beneficial, we assist in delivering investment pitches.
What's included
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We work on the basis of customized fixed monthly retainers, covering all aspects of our support.

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There are no hidden transactional costs each time assistance is sought.

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The retainer level is reviewed with you each quarter.