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Sigrid.AI is an executive assistant business service, staff by humans and augmented by Artificial Intelligence. Leveraging machine learning, Sigrid.AI builds EA-relevant intelligence at an exponential rate that far outstrips the capability of a human assistance alone.

We have been working closely with Ida and Paul, the founders of Sigrid.AI, since 2016 when they launched the business across across Singapore, Denmark and The Philippines. Like ourselves at Stepping Stone, Sirgid.AI supports business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe, with a heavy emphasis on leveraging both technology and specialised teams. We assisted them with the initial structure, set up and banking for their global business and the relationship has grown in that we now provide fully outsourced accounting, payroll and compliance support for them.

We‘ve also supported Sigrid with restructuring of the group, including bring new investors in. We ourselves have in turn become a client of Sigrid.AI for their AI driven services, enabling us to not only benefit from their great personal service, but also the specialist teams and tech that sit behind them.

“ Like ourselves at Sigrid.AI, Stepping Stone are in the business of helping business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe to achieve their goals. Stepping Stone assisted us in quickly putting the right corporate structures and banking in place when we first launched, and continue to act for us as a holistic accounting and compliance partner. They are always very responsive with ad hoc queries and advice without us having to worry about incremental costs of each phone call or email. ”

Paul Ostergaard, Co-Founder


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