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Why Float

Float helps you make confident decisions about the future of your business.

A cash flow forecast is one of the most useful tools for a forward-thinking business owner. Whatever goals you have for profit, cash flow forecasting allows you to see how changes in sales, expenses, team and operations will affect your bottom line. With Float, you can gain this insight easily and accurately.

What Float can do for you

Know Your Cash
Know your cash

Get real time visibility on future cash-flows that you cannot see in your accounting software.

Reality Based Planning
Reality based planning

Sync invoices and bills so your cash flows reflect the reality of anticipated future payment dates.

Save Time And Money
Save time and money

Import in and export out to excel for saving countless hours in managing your budgets.

Understand The Details
Understand the details

Drill down on transactions details from your forecast to see what’s driving the cash changes in your business.

Enhanced Budgeting
Enhanced Budgeting

Systematically compare your budgets to actuals in real time for better insights on the road ahead.

Set “What If” Scenarios
Set “What if” scenarios

Easily layer in varying scenarios, to assess impact on cash flow for creating action plans.

How we help you integrate Float

Our Float Platinum Certified team helps businesses get the most out of this powerful software. Delivering real time cash flow visibility via Float starts with ensuring you have the right mapping and structure aligned with how you can best manage your business.

As well as providing cash flow forecasting services using Float, we also help with implementations and training for in-house finance teams for day to day use in managing their cash.

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