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Why Spotlight

Spotlight provides real time reporting and forecasts, so you can plan ahead of any ‘what if’ scenario

Spotlight is an excellent tool to use alongside Xero. You’re able to monitor your business performance at a glance and create easy, great-looking performance reports, cash flow forecasts and consolidations to help you stay on track with your KPIs.

What Spotlight can do for you

Provide Powerful Reports
Provide powerful reports

Easily create powerful, customized and branded reports with KPIs and Visuals.

Seamless Integrations
Seamless integrations

Easily integrate both financial and non-financial information from outside of Xero.

Automated Consolidations
Automated consolidations

Automate group consolidations for up to 75 entities including multi -currency and jurisdiction.

Automated Consolidations
Automated consolidations

Automate the generation of profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow forecasts for up to 5 years.

Keep Up With Performance
Keep up with performance

Always have an instant view of your business performance tracked to budgets and customized to various stakeholder needs.

Set “What If” Scenarios
Set “What if” scenarios

Assess impact of varying scenarios, creating action plans accordingly and build “what if “ scenarios so you can evaluate actions plans.

How we help with Spotlight Reporting

Our Super VCFO Certified Spotlight Reporting team helps businesses get the most out of this powerful software. Delivering best in class financial reporting by leveraging Spotlight starts with ensuring you are capturing data correctly at the source in Xero or whichever accounting system you work with.

As well as providing period reporting services using Spotlight, we also help implement the process and train finance teams for in-house use.

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